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On a daily basis, ship operators cope with emerging Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements formalized through the International Safety Management code, Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA), and similar standards.
SpecTec can provide customized services to assist the operator in performing risk based optimizations of their Maintenance Strategy. Through probability, criticality, and availability analysis we can help you tune your maintenance strategy by drawing on our extensive knowledge of industry methodologies such as Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Risk Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Fault Tree Analysis. We can facilitate the application of these methodologies or we can develop a customized solution to better suit your needs.


With our ongoing support for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), SpecTec provides full service and support in vibration monitoring and analysis for rotating equipment, for maintenance purposes, by providing:

  • Hardware and software for vibration measurement and analysis;
  • Development of CBM database, including a table of characteristic frequencies of each rotating equipment (if vibration analysis is to be performed);
  • Perform the first level of measurements with relevant equipment assessment; and,
  • Label all equipment and enter data into AMOS and the vibration analysis software, (for measurement planning purposes and the triggering of an AMOS work order if the measurement is above or below the set threshold).

SpecTec can also perform full service vibration monitoring, visiting the owner’s vessel in port, taking all of the necessary and planned measurements, and submitting reports on the findings.

SpecTec can also support customers with the CBM approval process with Classification Societies


SpecTec provides software solutions that can continually adapt to your way of working. At times it could be as simple as changing settings in the system to allow functionality to perform differently. It is even possible to add completely new modules, embedding them into the system as if they have always been there.
Our systems go even further, giving you the possibility to customize existing screens or add business logic. SpecTec offers you expert personnel that can customize the system for you, or train an experienced technical person within your organization.



SpecTec’s beginnings were in the Maritime Industry over 25 years ago, with personnel that have first-hand experience working onboard ships and in the offices. The result is the dynamic AMOS system that has truly become the standard within the Maritime Industry, and SpecTec is proudly recognized as the leading maritime software provider.

Years of working closely with all segments of the Maritime Industry - shipowners, managers, regulatory bodies and Classification Societies - has resulted in a system to match the ever growing requirements of legislation, and easing compliance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations: International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), International Safety Management Code (ISM), Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) and The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) requirements. This is achieved in such a way that AMOS works with you to operate and manage your fleet efficiently and allows you to optimize operational efficiency and contributing to overall profitability.

Oil, Gas & Offshore

Managing and maintaining assets on Oil & Gas exploration platforms and fields is a complicated task, especially when these assets are spread across multiple locations all over the world. SpecTec solutions have managed just that, by applying Information Technology at its best. SpecTec and its customers have partnered to succeed in managing remote assets, with a methodology that is now easily deployable to any new site swiftly and at a fraction of cost of other solutions. Data stored centrally is copied to the remote site, which becomes virtually independent from the central office. Whenever scheduled, modified data is then transferred, via any available means (telephone lines, satellites, VSAT), to the central office, which can thus be completely and regularly updated on the status of maintenance, spares and costs of the site.

AMOS allows full Asset Life Cycle Management through the procurement, maintenance, logistics and spare parts process management. AMOS’ excellent data transfer capabilities, perfected through the years of use in the Maritime and Offshore industries, makes the system perfectly suitable for all remote sites where Internet or fast data transmission is not available.

Energy & Industry

AMOS is widespread in the Energy sector where the system is utilized for controlling maintenance routines and spare part supply for a large number of worldwide power plant installations. The AMOS Maintenance and Purchase system is fully utilized with functions such as Project Management and Document Handling and are integrated with manufacturers’ Graphical Maintenance handbooks and Spare Part catalogues. The systems make use of AMOS Replication, an add-on tool automatically controlling all data transfer between remote and central databases, where all data entries are transferred to and from remote sites and regional, as well as central maintenance management offices.

With these instant updates the centralized planning of maintenance activities and effective deployment of international service teams is improved, leading to the increased reliability of power plants and better control of the logistics processes, ensuring spare part availability at all times. AMOS Maintenance and Purchase’s comprehensive functionality and work flow management proves its capabilities in a number of Industries such as Manufacturing, Processing and Transport AMOS functionality will provide the means for data to be extracted for the analysis of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of maintenance activities.

The user interface can be configured for machinery operators to easily report faults and observations either via their PC workstation or via wireless hand held PDA equipment – in order to provide the possibility for instant correction by the Maintenance Department, and to provide data for Root Cause problem solving.

AMOS can be integrated with other systems in order to manage Condition Based Maintenance activities, as well as data transfer between financial systems or E-commerce transactions.

This makes SpecTec the preferred partner for international and local organisations and industries.

SpecTec’s global presence with offices in more than twenty countries ensures roundthe-clock operation and worldwide support in all time zones.


SpecTec delivers AMOS as a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Computerised Maintenance Management System to suit the planned maintenance and stock control requirements to the world’s Navies, or to any Defence related organisation.

AMOS can be adopted at the early phase of the ship design project, prior to its operational life, as part of any Integrated Logistic System (ILS) solution. AMOS’s strength lies in its integration capabilities as maintenance, spares, stores, purchase, and logistic data are treated as part of the same project.

The customer is supported from the beginning in order to identify a coherent and effective list of requirements for the deployment of a successful system. AMOS as a COTS solution, with its customisable flexibility, makes it suitable for a very wide range of applications.

AMOS’s capabilities in working as a standalone system onboard, while replicating data at the first possible occasion, via satellite, to the onshore Naval Base, makes it extremely useful to satisfy a Navy’s logistics needs while distributing over a large geographical area.

Data is updated onboard, and only the modified data is transferred ashore. Given its simplicity, data can be protected by means of normal crypto equipment and transferred ashore using a secure connection layer.

Advanced Condition Monitoring and extra data storage are both supported to improve and simplify the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) approach: critical object function definition, failure and operational modes, cost functions definition, performance monitoring and statistical validation tests are key parameters to implement and set up this approach.

With Vibration Monitoring widely considered the most important and effective Condition Monitoring methodology for rotating machinery, SpecTec has developed vast experience in this area providing its customers with both highly skilled consultancy and system integration capabilities, as many third party Vibration Monitoring devices can be interfaced with AMOS.

Strictly related to the RCM approach, Mission Oriented Stock Planning methodologies are available and provided to optimise the stock levels in accordance with shorter logistic boundaries (one mission): generally stock provisioning is evaluated and sized taking into account a long term period (several years). NATO Stock Number (NSN) for spare parts will be applied.

The SpecTec Defence Team can analyse Customer requirements in terms of ILS needs and set AMOS to work conforming to customers’ logistics requirements. Data entry in terms of functional and content breakdown can be performed in accordance with NATO standards, such as NAVSEA S9040 and the latest ASD (AeroSpace & Defence Industries Association of Europe) / AIA (Aerospace Industries Association) S1000D (the former AECMA Spec 1000D) specifications for Naval use.


AMOS is a registered trademark of SpecTec.